2020 Socialist Scorecard (Part 2)

July 19, 2020 • 5 min read

State Legislative

LD 1 Position 2

Shelley Kloba (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Heath care worker and current incumbent who explicitly state support for the working class, but also states support for assault weapons bans.

Shelley says in her statement that she is for fixing our “upside down tax code” as well as untethering health care from your job. She states a priority of helping people who have lost their jobs under the pandemic. Unfortunately, she also buys into neoliberal “assault weapons” bans.

LD 2 Position 2

Veronica Whitcher Rockett (Democrat, “Young Democrat”)

Score: D

TL;DR: Part of a group of neoliberal Democrats in their mid-30s, but a sensible alternative to JT Wilcox, who is focused on “reopening the economy” during the pandemic

Veronica is a member of the Young Democrats, which is basically the incubator for the future of establishment Democrats. However, she explicitly states in her candidate statement that she wants to end tax breaks for large corporations (read: Amazon) and that she will refuse to put the state’s budget on the backs of the working class.

LD 5 Senator

Ingrid Anderson (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Nurse who specifically and correctly addresses working class material conditions under the pandemic

Ingrid is refusing corporate money and explicitly addresses the needs of the working class under the Coronavirus pandemic. She has a child in public school and mentions repealing corporate loopholes and cutting taxes for working families. While she mentions gun reform, she clearly identifies that the majority of gun deaths are suicide, so there needs to be a mental health aspect to any gun legislation. Her opponent, incumbent Mark Mullet, has voted with the corporate Democratic Party status quo against women, workers, and the environment.

LD 10 Position 1

Ivan Lewis (Democrat)

Score: D

TL;DR: A regular working person with good ideas

A paramedic, Ivan calls for living wage jobs, affordable health care, and “a move away from fossil fuels.” While these are decent social democracy ideas, he unfortunately centers the conversation around reopening the economy. Ivan’s policies come from the perspective of a regular working person, so he will likely bring a pro-worker perspective to the position.

LD 11 Senator

Bob Hasegawa (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Bob is a worker and has a record of solid policies and demonstrated efforts to work well with everyone

Sen. Hasegawa is the incumbent and a union member, and has done some solid pro-worker things during his time in office. One noteworthy issue is his backing for a state-based bank. He also vapes. Critical support for Bob.

LD 21 Position 1

Gant Diede (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Gant is a solid pro-worker choice for a Democrat

Boeing mechanic and IT worker, Gant is also an elected member of the Democrats as a PCO. While he is a member of a capitalist party, Gant is an anti-war activist and explicitly states in his candidate statement that he is against austerity measures in a post-pandemic environment in our state. He states support for single-payer health care, a $20 minimum wage, public housing, rent control, progressive taxation, and a green new deal.

LD 22 Position 1

Jonny Meade (Socialist)

Score: A+

TL;DR: One of two socialists on the ballot; fully endorsed by our party!

Jonny is a working-class father who has centered his campaign around COVID-19 relief, specifically for kids and families and a guarantee for equitable remote education. Read more about Jonny on his website www.jonnyforwa.com.

LD 22 Position 2

Mary Ellen Biggerstaff (Democrat, DSA Member, Democratic Party PCO)

Score: C

TL;DR: DSA member, mother, and nurse with some good social welfare ideas

Biggerstaff is for a lot of good social democracy ideas, but unfortunately falls into the technocratic trap of applying qualifiers for those material benefits (like that you make minimum wage or be on social security to qualify for affordable housing). In her candidate statement, she says she’ll “work hard to deliver demands to the capital.”

Glenda Breiler (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Native, social worker, working-class mom

Breiler, another Democrat vying for this open seat, is also saying she’s for some of the same social welfare ideas: affordable housing, green energy, and affordable health care. No mention of the working class, but Glenda is a Native woman and active in causes for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and will likely have a deep personal connection to this important issue.

Jessica Bateman (Democrat)

Score: F

TL;DR: Neoliberal political climber full of market-based ideas

Bateman is one of those Democrats who thinks banning plastic straws will solve climate change. She also believes that building “more housing” will solve homelessness, even if that housing happens to be luxury condos. Currently part of the very pro-corporate Olympia City Council, which was ordered by the state to reverse its illegally-passed “Missing Middle” gentrification ordinance. Hard pass!

LD 24 Position 1

Daniel Charles Svoboda (“Trump Republican”)

Score: F-

TL;DR: Is there something WORSE than F? This guy is horrifying

Svoboda wants to make it clear: he’s a liar, a cheater, and a thief. He makes it very plain: he’s a sinner and he’s not proud! That’s why he wants to … end women’s right to vote and “put the fear of God back into the political landscape.” He wants to abolish divorce, and “special rights” for “homosexuals, illegal aliens, and anyone else that believes they deserve special rights.” The other candidates are bad but please do not vote for this guy.

LD 25 Senator

Emmett Smith (Republican)

Score: C

TL;DR: Another strangely pro-worker Republican? What’s going on!

Smith says he wants “more than a stock market recovery.” He calls for doing “whatever is necessary to maintain political and social cohesion,” including $2000 per month payments to all citizens (regardless of income) through the end of the pandemic. He also supports universal health care that isn’t tethered to employment. Critical support for Smith, who is running against a fellow Republican.

LD 32 Position 1

Keith Smith (Democrat)

Score: B

TL;DR: Union worker, explicitly pro-worker

Keith speaks clearly about the need to provide for working people during the pandemic and beyond. Keith wants to improve our unemployment system and provide essential goods and services to workers. Member of UFCW local #21.

LD 32 Position 2

Gray Peterson (Democrat)

Score: B

TL;DR: Union worker, explicitly pro-worker

Gray Peterson checks all the boxes: he’s for an eviction and foreclosure moratorium, a housing guarantee, and progressive tax reform. He’s also the shop steward for IBEW Local #89.

LD 37 Position 1

William Burroughs (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Not the status-quo Dem incumbent; has good social welfare ideas

Burroughs says the usual “progressive” word salad… but one thing sticks out: housing as a human right and rent control. Worth critical support for this alone.

LD 43 Position 2

Sherae Lascelles (People’s Party)

Score: B

TL;DR: Not Frank Chopp; Not a Democrat; Activist with bold ideas

Sherae is running on a platform of housing as a human right, fully-funding mass transit, single-payer health care, childcare for every parent, harm reduction for substance use, and a state bank. Not running as a socialist, but pretty close.

Jessi Murray (Democrat)

Score: C

TL;DR: Not as bold as Sherae, but still not Frank Chopp

Jessi is running on a similarly pro-worker platform, and while not as bold, offers similarly good pro-worker social welfare programs. One standout is broadband internet as a public utility. Unfortunately, like many Democrats, Jessi is on the “ban assault weapons” bandwagon.

LD 47 Position 2

Peter Thompson Jr. (Republican)

Score: C

TL;DR: Definitely not a socialist, but is explicitly pro-worker

We have to admit, this one is a little shocking. We still aren’t convinced this isn’t some joke or error. Peter says in his candidate statement that he is for the expansion of civil rights, pro-animal, pro-transit and walkable communities, and pro-worker. His policies include a 20-hour work week, increased minimum wage (tracked to inflation), universal health care, $100/mo universal “food care” to end hunger, and for local self-reliance. This guy is a socialist and he just doesn’t know it yet.

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