Jason Call Endorsement

The Puget Sound Socialist Party, as a member of the Salish Solidarity Pact with the South Sound Green Party received an endorsement request from Jason Call who is running in Washington's 2nd Congressional District to be the first openly ecosocialist Congressman.

After careful consideration and discussion, the Puget Sound Socialist Party is pleased to announce our endorsement of Jason Call for Washington's Second Congressional District. Jason is anti-capitalist and has demonstrated a commitment to pro-worker, anti-imperialist, and pro-liberation ideals.

As the Socialist Party of the United States local chapter in Western Washington, this district falls within our chapter area. Along with our partner in the Salish Solidarity Pact, the South Sound Green Party, we have agreed to release Jason's questionnaire and issue a joint endorsement of his campaign. 

We are hopeful about his candidacy and acknowledge electoralism alone will not end capitalism. Action and solidarity are our only true hopes at achieving a socialist vision of the United States in our lifetimes.

Click below to read Jason's Candidate Questionnaire.

Meet Jason Call

My name is Jason Call. I have a 30-year history of progressive activism. I am a husband, father, a former public school math teacher, musician, and progressive activist. Over the last few decades, I have stood up for working class values around war, healthcare, education, and our environment.

In 2023, I left the Democratic Party and became a Green. As an ecosocialist, my principles have always aligned with the Green Party, yet I believed I could only make a real difference as a Democrat. 

I learned quickly how the established leadership of the Washington State Democrats moved to silence and stymie the growing progressive movement within the party. Indeed, many newly-joined progressives inspired by Bernie Sanders left after realizing the same. The sad truth is that the Democratic Party, like the Republicans, is owned and controlled by Wall Street and the War Machine, no matter how progressive they claim their values to be.

I previously ran for this office in both 2020 and 2022. In 2020, I earned almost 36,000 votes — three times the number garnered by any prior progressive challenger to the sitting incumbent since he was elected in 2000. We did this with no corporate money, no access to Democratic Party voter data, no organizational endorsements to speak of aside from Our Revolution and a handful of local Democratic Party dual endorsements from County and Legislative Districts. Just a dedicated team of volunteers and a shoestring budget of barely $50,000. We came within striking distance of second place.

I have always believed that good government is possible, and I truly believe the adage that we do not inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. The Four Pillars of the Green Party — Peace, Ecology, Social Justice, and Democracy — are what we must continue to focus on for a brighter future for all humanity.

"I am running for Congress because here in Washington state, a supposed bastion of progressivism, it's high time that our district be represented by someone who values people and planet over profit."